The Maris Edge

Video Streaming & AI Acceleration for Autonomous Remote Platforms

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Maris’ Edge AI computing and ultra low latency video streaming solutions are in operational use by top-tier customers around the globe and have already delivered strong benefits and ROI to a satisfied client base.

Product Highlight


Ruggedized, compact multiple ultra-HD edge computing with powerful AI acceleration capabilities. Supports advanced video streaming capabilities. Modular architecture designed to integrate with a wide range of manned and autonomous platforms. An innovative solution suitable for safe city, HLS and defense applications.

The Maris Edge

High video quality

Low latency

Powerful AI acceleration

Multiple streams

Robust communication

Modular & flexible

Best in class SWaP

Markets & Applications

Driving multiple fast-growing use cases and markets

Intelligent video analysis, surveillance and multi-streaming are key requirements in fast-growing market sectors. Maris offers highly adaptable solutions designed to integrate with a wide range of platforms for air, ground, and maritime operations, delivering real-time, high-resolution, ultra low latency, high quality video, as well as image processing and data analytics. Maris’ compact solutions are integrated into market-leading systems for commercial industries, defense, HLS, unmanned vehicle, tactical and autonomous vehicle platforms.


Commercial Industries



OEM Products

Field-tested AI edge computing and video streaming solutions with high-level functionality and flexibility

Ruggedized Products

Maris’ sophisticated solutions offer a smart onboard architecture that enables real-time and accurate video and AI processing, such as object detection, classification, and tracking.

Investors Latest Updates​

Maris-Tech Receives New Order For Approximately $590,000 For An AI-Based HLS And Defense Surveillance Application

The Company will develop an advanced surveillance solution based on the powerful Jupiter AI platform

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An increase in terror threats, unconventional military threats, and geopolitical tensions worldwide has led to an increase in demand for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to target terrorist and insurgent groups across the globe.

Our Perspective

Smart Video Streaming & AI Acceleration at the Edge for Autonomous Remote Platforms

A pioneer in AI-based video streaming technology, Maris offers innovative Edge AI accelerated video solutions designed to integrate with autonomous and semi-autonomous land, sea, air, and space platforms for a wide range of applications, such as surveillance, aerospace, defense, HLS, and commercial. Maris’ state-of-the-art, compact, and modular solutions feature smart onboard architecture that enables real-time, low latency and accurate video and AI processing at the edge, such as object detection, classification, and tracking.