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Mercury Nano

Dual-channel SD/HD H.265/4 encoder
An advanced, dual-channel low power encoder system, the Mercury-Nano is designed to integrate with a wide range of platforms and applications requiring a lightweight
A single-board computer with multiple connectors, electronic components, and Mercury Nano technology.

Mercury Nano - Solution Overview

Advanced features and platform support
Designed to simultaneously support dual SD/HD/UHD video with improved video quality and bandwidth using H.265 or H.264 encoding, the Mercury-Nano features end-to-end low latency streaming, up to 100ms. The solution supports mic and line out audio capture, MP3 or AAC audio encoding and decoding, Dual RTP in unicast/multicast or RTSP streaming, meta-data capture from Ethernet, and bi-directional UDP to serial support.

Mercury Nano

Mercury Nano
Dual channel SD/HD H.264/5 encoder
Main features: Video and audio capture, H.264/5 encoding, up to 2 x 1080p6, video and audio simultaneous local recording, dual RTP in Unicast/Multicast or RTSP streaming

Key Advantages


Different configurations may be created from different building block within the same form factor


Simultaneously supporting capture, pre-processing, streaming, recording, playback and download


End-to-end low latency streaming

Multiple Stream

Supporting simultaneously multiple streams on a single platform


Supporting any SD/HD video standard

Dimensions and Weight

The most miniature and light, essential for small drones and covert applications

Power Consumption

The lowest power consumption, essential for small drones and covert applications