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Driving Fast-Growing Markets on Land, Sea, Air, and in New Space

Compact and modular architecture designed to integrate with a broad range of manned and autonomous platforms for a wide range of applications.

Video Streaming & AI Acceleration for Autonomous Remote Platforms


Industrial-grade computer with multiple i/o ports including ethernet, usb, and pearl-serial connections.
Ultimate multiple Ultra-HD, Edge Computing platform enabling powerful AI applications for safe city, HLS, and defense applications

Key Advantages


Different configurations may be created from different building block within the same form factor


Simultaneously supporting capture, pre-processing, streaming, recording, playback and download


End-to-end low latency streaming

Multiple Stream

Supporting simultaneously multiple streams on a single platform


Supporting any SD/HD video standard

Dimensions and Weight

The most miniature and light, essential for small drones and covert applications

Power Consumption

The lowest power consumption, essential for small drones and covert applications