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High Performance at the Edge

Maris’ proven ability to capture and analyze high-quality video at the edge in real-time has emerged as a critical technology component for effective decision-making, data analytics, and, ultimately – mission success.

The Maris Edge

Low latency icon representing a timer with a gear symbol combined with a play button, illustrating a concept of automated or timed video or processes.
Supports the most advanced video compression standards for real-time quality transmission
Icon representing a low latency power button encircled by arrows indicating motion or interaction.
Simultaneously supports multiple sensors on a single platform, essential for providing complete imaging coverage
A low-latency graphic icon of a package with a shipping label.
Offers up to 100ms end-to-end latency as well as an FPGA-based solution with sub-frame ultra-low-latency streaming
User-generated low-latency icon depicting hands carefully holding a microchip or processor.
Supports a variety of miniature and low-power stable wireless communications for uninterrupted transmission in indoor/outdoor harsh environments, including Forward Error Correction (FEC)
Energy efficiency and low latency icon.
Miniature and lightweight, with extremely efficient power consumption to deliver the longer operating life needed for extended transmissions
Sophisticated AI processor specifically designed to accelerate deep learning applications on edge devices
Radar icon with low latency signal waves on a green background, symbolizing detection or surveillance.
Easily integrates with independently designed systems and can be configured to support any electro-optical and thermal sensor standard