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Miniature wearable H.265 DVR and streamer
Lightweight and modular, the Mars-DVR and Mars-V300 miniature recording and streaming platforms are designed in various modules suitable for body-worn and gun-sight solutions

Mars - Solution Overview

Advanced features and platform support
Providing robust, reliable communication capabilities, the Mars-DVR and Mars-V300 miniature intelligent surveillance solutions can be integrated with multiple wireless connectivity options. Modules include RF datalink, RF datalink + LTE, LTE, and Wi-Fi. The system is uniquely designed to capture digital video sensors or Analog cameras, encode H.265 video integrated with AAC audio, stream RTP and RTSP channels over Ethernet, and record MP4 files on EMMC.


Mars Wifi 208
Mars V300
A miniature wearable H.265 DVR & Streamer. Able to Capture MIPI or CVBS cameras as well as microphone - On board or External if connected, streams RTP (Unicast/ Multicast) and/or RTSP channels over Ethernet and record MP4 files on EMMC. Able to Act as USB mass storage device when connected to PC and Maintain RTC with battery backup. Set-up using PC App via USB or Ethernet.

Key Advantages


Different configurations may be created from different building block within the same form factor


Simultaneously supporting capture, pre-processing, streaming, recording, playback and download


End-to-end low latency streaming

Multiple Stream

Supporting simultaneously multiple streams on a single platform


Supporting any SD/HD video standard

Dimensions and Weight

The most miniature and light, essential for small drones and covert applications

Power Consumption

The lowest power consumption, essential for small drones and covert applications