Milipol Paris 2023 highlights the latest technological innovations for homeland security and safety

Swat team member observing high-tech surveillance screens with various tactical views, enhanced by 5G technology connectivity.
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Milipol Paris is the leading international event dedicated to homeland security, bringing together key industry players from around the world to discuss critical issues and challenges facing the sector. The highly regarded event serves as a professional gathering that highlights and presents the latest technological innovations and cutting-edge solutions to current and emerging threats for the entire global security ecosystem, covering all business sectors of homeland security including law enforcement, urban security, anti-terrorism, communication systems, civil defense, cybercrime and cyberthreats, and more.

Maris-Tech at Milipol Paris: Presenting AI-based intelligence gathering and advanced video payload solutions

The Maris-Tech booth at Milipol 2023 exhibited a comprehensive range of solutions that provide remote and autonomous platforms with a technological edge. Maris-Tech showcased the capabilities of the innovative Jupiter family, including the ultra-compact AI-powered Jupiter-Drones and other products suitable for a wide range of applications, such as intelligence gathering, public safety and emergency services, safe city, and covert missions.

A productive meeting place for all security professionals

Milipol Paris 2023 was a resounding success, marked by a surge in participation that reflects the ongoing growth of the global security market, with a remarkable 40% increase compared to Milipol Paris 2021. The 4-day event offered a wide range of meetings and business opportunities for security professionals to demonstrate innovative products and expand commercial activities in new markets.

The record-high satisfaction rates reported by both visitors and exhibitors underscore the continued demand for fast-paced innovation that supports the dynamic landscape of the security sector and highlights the critical need to address the multifaceted and ever-evolving challenges faced by the sector.

Milipol Paris 2023 Facts and Figures:

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