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Revolutionizing Situational Awareness Platform for Armored Fighting

A situational awareness platform designed to equip AFV crews with a comprehensive,

360-degree view of their surroundings. It uses AI to detect and respond to dismounted threats with unprecedented precision.

A sleek, rectangular, black electronic device with a screen and vent-like slits on the side, reminiscent of a finely cut gemstone.


A sleek black rectangular electronic device with a reflective screen and vented sides, resembling a display monitor, and shining like a polished diamond.
AI-based situational awareness platform designed for armored fighting vehicles. Provides 360⁰ coverage of surroundings ensuring no blind spots. Incorporates 5 HD cameras with simultaneous display for powerful threat detection, alerts, and precise response to dismounted threats. Suitable for urban combat and can be integrated into a wide range of AFV platforms.

Key Advantages


Different configurations may be created from different building block within the same form factor


Simultaneously supporting capture, pre-processing, streaming, recording, playback and download


End-to-end low latency streaming

Multiple Stream

Supporting simultaneously multiple streams on a single platform


Supporting any SD/HD video standard

Dimensions and Weight

The most miniature and light, essential for small drones and covert applications

Power Consumption

The lowest power consumption, essential for small drones and covert applications