High-Performance at the Edge:

Smart onboard edge architecture that enables real-time and accurate video and AI processing such as object detection, classification, and tracking.

Maris Homeland Security

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We design, develop, manufacture and commercially sell miniature intelligent video and audio surveillance and communication systems, which are offered as products and solutions for the professional as well as the civilian and home security markets.
Our products and solutions are sold as off the shelf, standalone and ready to use products, or as customized components that meet our customers’ requirements and integrate into their systems and products. Our customers include companies operating in the drone, robotic, defense, homeland security, or HLS, intelligence gathering, autonomous vehicle and space markets. For the professional markets, we provide a range of customizable, low-power, miniature and features enriched video and audio hardware with integrated embedded firmware, original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, and final products for applications requiring complex and high- performance video and audio processing, streaming, recording, debriefing and analytics functionalities. Our products are mainly designed for unmanned aerial / ground / maritime platforms, miniature drones, observation systems and any other remote video-controlled platforms used for intelligence, surveillance, analysis and investigation.
Our products are already deployed worldwide in manned and autonomous platforms, in observation systems, law-enforcement, public-safety, defense, intelligence and other appliances. Our customers include leading electro optical payload, radio frequency, or RF, datalink and unmanned platforms manufacturers as well as other large defense, HLS and communication companies.
For the civilian/home security market, we provide both off-the-shelf and customizable miniature, low power, cloud-based video and audio streaming and recording solutions used for safe city, traffic management and various other applications.

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Maris–Tech integrated critical firmware and hardware to support AI algorithms embedded in LightPath’s Infrared Cameras

Maris-Tech Ltd. (Nasdaq: MTEK), today announced a collaboration with LightPath’s (Nasdaq: LPTH) in which Maris-tech integrated critical firmware and hardware to support AI algorithms embedded in LightPath’s infrared cameras, completing a significant step in the evolution of LightPath’s technology with the support of AI accelerated hardware, software and algorithms in all its infrared cameras.


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December 14, 2021

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