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Meeting Evolving Demands in Multiple Markets

End-to-end low-latency streaming, rich video processing, and analytics have become indispensable components across many fast-growing markets. Maris’ highly adaptable solutions are ideal for a wide range of markets and applications, meeting the needs of commercial, security, space, and defense platforms in multiple configurations.


Maris’ integrated systems for defense applications incorporate comprehensive video processing and analytics on a wide range of platforms for telemetry mounted video, surveillance and security, intelligence gathering, covert and tactical operations, missile and target acquisition, and observation systems. The high-performance systems can be integrated with weapon sights, helmet-mounted systems, UAVs, and body-worn devices, delivering continuous situational awareness in all environments.


Maris’ solutions are qualified for use in space as part of intelligent observation and monitoring systems. In 2019, SpaceIL, in cooperation with Israel Aerospace Industries, launched a small lunar lander, which became the first private entity in history to reach the moon. Maris’ video system was mounted on the space probe to monitor the status and progress toward the moon landing, and successfully captured and transmitted images and videos during orbit.

Homeland Security

Maris’ modular solutions can be integrated with a wide range of platforms, including drones and unmanned vehicles, providing advanced video transmission capabilities to support Homeland Security missions and applications, including crowd control, surveillance and security for smart cities, critical infrastructure monitoring, law enforcement, border patrol, first responders emergency management, and more.

Unmanned Vehicles & Drones

Maris’ compact and lightweight systems are specially designed for unmanned vehicles and drones, answering the need for advanced video streaming systems with robust, long-range communication and reliable transmission. Featuring best-in-class SWaP, the systems deliver real-time situational awareness for diverse platforms, including commercial and military drones, air, ground, and sea unmanned vehicles, and other remote video applications and platforms.

Commercial applications

Maris’ solutions deliver high-quality video and communication capabilities with an increased range for surveillance systems, site and infrastructure inspection, traffic control, precision agriculture, and more. Maris’ products have been successfully implemented in commercial industries such as smart retail and manufacturing, high-end professional drone manufacturers, and communication companies, and have proven their durability under harsh operating conditions.