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About Us

Company overview

Maris-Tech is a leading B2B provider of intelligent video transmission technology, founded by veterans of the Israel technology sector with extensive electrical engineering and imaging experience. Our products are designed to meet the growing demands of commercial and tactical applications, delivering high-performance, compact, low power and low latency solutions to companies worldwide, including leading electro-optical payload, RF datalink and unmanned platform manufacturers as well as defense, HLS, and communication companies.

Bridging distances with innovation

Ensuring accurate and reliable situational awareness is key for both the commercial and defense-related industries. Staying ahead of the game is critical, especially with the proliferation of sophisticated AI-driven technologies for surveillance, data gathering and analysis. Uniquely designed with exceptional capabilities for ground, aerial or maritime platforms and tactical, commercial, security, and space applications, Maris high-performance solutions meet critical key parameters of state-of-the-art systems for uninterrupted and extended range video transmission delivering unmatched real-time intelligence gathering and analysis anytime, anywhere, and under any conditions.