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The Maris Edge

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Maris’ Edge AI and video analytics solutions are in operational use by top-tier customers around the globe and have already delivered strong benefits and ROI to a satisfied client base.

The Maris Edge

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Powerful Ai acceleration

Multiple streams



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Meeting Evolving Demands in Multiple Markets

Intelligent video surveillance and analytics are key requirements in fast-growing market sectors. Maris offers highly adaptable solutions designed to integrate with a wide range of platforms for air, ground, and maritime operations, delivering real-time, high-resolution, high quality video, audio and data as well as image processing and analytics . Maris’ compact solutions are integrated into market-leading systems for commercial industries, defense, HLS, unmanned vehicle, tactical and autonomous vehicle platforms .


Commercial Industries



OEM Products

Field-tested solutions with high-level functionality and flexibility

Neptune Family
Mercury Nano
Jupiter Family
Jupiter Family


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Maris-Tech Receives Purchase Order For $410,000 From A Leading Israeli Defense Compay.

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Smart Video & AI at the Edge for Autonomous Remote Platforms

A pioneer in AI-based video analytics technology, Maris offers innovative Edge AI accelerated video solutions designed to integrate with autonomous and semi-autonomous land, sea, air, and space platforms for a wide range of applications such as surveillance, aerospace, defense, HLS, and commercial applications. Maris’ state-of-the-art, compact, and modular solutions feature smart onboard architecture that enables real-time and accurate video and AI processing at the edge, such as object detection, classification, and tracking.