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Video Streaming & AI Acceleration for Autonomous Remote Platforms

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Maris’ Edge AI computing and ultra low latency video streaming solutions are in operational use by top-tier customers around the globe and have already delivered strong benefits and ROI to a satisfied client base.

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AI-based situational awareness platform designed for armored fighting vehicles. Provides 360⁰ coverage of surroundings ensuring no blind spots. Incorporates 5 HD cameras with simultaneous display for powerful threat detection, alerts, and precise response to dismounted threats. Suitable for urban combat and can be integrated into a wide range of AFV platforms.

A black glass-front display cabinet with metal sides and shelving inside, shown from an angle, ensures low latency in accessing your items.

The Maris Edge

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High video quality

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Low latency

Powerful AI acceleration

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Multiple streams

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Robust communication

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Modular & flexible

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Markets & Applications

Driving multiple fast-growing use cases and markets

Intelligent video analysis, surveillance, and multi-streaming are key requirements in fast-growing market sectors. Maris offers highly adaptable solutions designed to integrate with a wide range of platforms for air, ground, and maritime operations, delivering real-time, high-resolution, ultra-low latency, high-quality video, as well as image processing and data analytics for situational awareness and intelligence gathering. Maris’ compact solutions are integrated into market-leading systems for defense, HLS, unmanned vehicles, tactical, autonomous vehicle platforms, and commercial industries.


Situational Awareness

Unmanned Vehicles & Drones

Intelligence Gathering

Homeland Security


Commercial applications

OEM Products

Field-tested AI edge computing and video streaming solutions with high-level functionality and flexibility

Ruggedized Products

Maris’ sophisticated solutions offer a smart onboard architecture that enables real-time and accurate video and AI processing, such as object detection, classification, and tracking.

Investors Latest Updates​

Maris Tech Collaborates With LightPath For AI-Ready Infrared Cameras

Maris-Tech Ltd. (Nasdaq: MTEK), today announced a collaboration with LightPath’s (Nasdaq: LPTH) (“LightPath”) in which Maris-tech integrated critical firmware and hardware to support AI algorithms embedded in LightPath’s infrared cameras, completing a significant step in the evolution of LightPath’s technology with the support of AI accelerated hardware, software and algorithms in all its infrared cameras.

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Global defense spending has seen significant growth, but what trends are shaping this growth, and what solutions are leading the way?

The outlook for the defense industry trends in 2024 can easily be described as robust, strong, and dynamic. Future defense technology is reshaping the sector across multiple innovations and solutions, while geopolitical tensions and increased global defense spend are placing these next generation air defense innovations at center stage.

Our Perspective

Smart Video Streaming & AI Acceleration at the Edge for Autonomous Remote Platforms

A pioneer in AI-based video streaming technology, Maris offers innovative Edge AI accelerated video solutions designed to integrate with autonomous and semi-autonomous land, sea, air, and space platforms for a wide range of applications, such as surveillance, aerospace, defense, HLS, and commercial. Maris’ state-of-the-art, compact, and modular solutions feature smart onboard architecture that enables real-time, low latency and accurate video and AI processing at the edge, such as object detection, classification, and tracking.
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