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Drone Industry Predictions for 2022 – Markets/Applications

Gone are the days when drones were confined to the battlefield or used as glorified toys. Today, drones serve as critical platforms across various commercial, public safety, and governmental applications. Read our latest blog. 


Maris delivers high-performance, high quality, low latency digital video solutions to a growing number of companies worldwide and is currently expanding internationally. Our products are in operational use by Israel’s largest HLS and defense industries and leading international professional drone as well as HLS and defense systems manufacturers.

Markets & Applications

Meeting evolving demands in multiple market sectors

Intelligent video surveillance and analytics are key requirements in fast-growing market sectors. Maris offers highly adaptable solutions designed to integrate with a wide range of platforms for air, ground, and maritime operations, delivering real-time, high-resolution, high quality video, audio and data as well as image processing and analytics . Maris’ compact solutions are integrated into market-leading systems for commercial industries, defense, HLS, unmanned vehicle, tactical and autonomous vehicle platforms .


Commercial Industries




Field-tested solutions with high-level functionality and flexibility

Maris’ products offer advanced video functionalities suitable for a wide range of platforms and applications. A range of modular, compact, lightweight solutions features high-quality video, ultra-low power consumption, low latency streaming, recording, and exceptional processing capabilities, simultaneously supporting multiple streams on a single platform. Maris’ solutions can be mounted on multiple platforms for reliable indoor-to-outdoor dynamically adjusted wireless communication and extended range without compromising video reproduction quality or accuracy.

A family of miniature H.264/5 encoding platforms supporting streaming
Jupiter NANO
Jupiter NANO
An advanced dual channel H.264/5 codec, Jupiter Nano handles multiple streams simultaneously
An advanced multi-stream H.264/5 codec, Jupiter AI integrates a powerful onboard Hailo-8 AI accelerator
A family of dual channel SD/HD h.264 encoding and decoding platforms supporting streaming, recording, display and playback
Dual Channel SD/HD ultra-low latency h.264 encoding and decoding platform supporting streaming and display
A family of dual channel SD/HD H.264/5 encoding platformss supporting streaming and recording
Miniature wearable H.265 DVR and streamer

Our Unique Perspective

A global leader in high-performance integrated solutions with intelligent video transmission technologies, Maris understands, identifies, and meets the evolving needs and trends of professional industries, government and military sectors, and law enforcement for reliable intelligence and actionable insights.

The ability to capture, stream, process, and interpret high-quality video in real time has emerged as a key technology component for effective decision making, data analytics, and ultimately – mission success.  Designed to integrate with systems for land, sea, air, and space platforms, Maris’ unique solutions provide accurate and reliable intelligence gathering and situational awareness to autonomous, semi-autonomous, and manned systems for defense, commercial, security, and space applications.