The Age of Smart Video Analytics & AI Edge Technologies

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2023 and Beyond: The Age of Smart Video Analytics & AI Edge Technologies

With AI edge computing and video analytics technologies now essential components in a wide range of applications, it’s no surprise that the market is booming.  This growth is being fueled by the swift adoption of AI technologies in markets such as law enforcement, transportation, smart cities, critical infrastructure, defense, and homeland security. In addition, the popularity of autonomous platforms, and the requirement for edge computing to process massive amounts of data generated in real-time from these platforms, has catapulted AI and video analytics into the spotlight.



Maris Edge Video Intelligence Solutions are explained in the image



The Maris Edge Video Intelligence Solutions

Maris Tech offers AI and video analytics solutions for a range of industries, including commercial sectors, defense, HLS, unmanned vehicles, and tactical and autonomous vehicle platforms. These solutions are designed to help these industries harness the power of AI and video analytics to improve their operations and gain a competitive edge. The company’s products stand apart from others in the industry due to their:


High Video Encoder Quality. Maris Tech’s products support the most advanced video compression standards, providing real-time quality transmission of high-quality video feeds. This ensures the video is clear, detailed, and accurate, providing users with the information they need to make informed decisions.


Low Latency: The AI and video analytics solutions offer up to 100ms end-to-end latency, among the industry’s lowest. The ultra-low-latency streaming ensures users can receive and process information in real time without delay.


Best in Class SwaP: Maris’ products are miniature and lightweight, making them ideal for use in environments where size and weight are critical factors. Additionally, they have highly efficient power consumption, allowing them to deliver longer operating life and extended transmissions.


Multiple Streams: The solutions can simultaneously support multiple sensors on a single platform. This is essential for providing complete imaging coverage and ensuring that users can access all the information they need.


Robust Communication: Maris Tech’s products support a variety of miniature and low-power stable wireless communications, ensuring uninterrupted multi-transmission in indoor/outdoor harsh environments. Additionally, they feature Forward Error Correction (FEC), which helps ensure data is transmitted accurately and reliably.


Modular and Flexible: As industries grow and evolve, their needs for AI and video analytics solutions may change. Maris Tech’s solutions are designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing enterprises to adapt to changing circumstances and requirements. Maris Tech’s products are designed to be easily integrated with independently designed systems. They can also be configured to support any electro-optical and thermal sensor standard, allowing users to customize their solutions to their specific needs.


Powerful AI Acceleration: Maris Tech’s products feature a sophisticated AI processor specifically designed to accelerate deep learning applications on edge devices. This allows users to perform advanced analytics and gain valuable insights in real time, helping them make better decisions and improve their operations.

The Maris Edge for the Future

The ability to capture, stream, process, and interpret high-quality video in real-time at the edge has emerged as a crucial technology component for effective decision-making, data analytics, and, ultimately, mission success. Maris’ Edge AI accelerated video solutions are field proven for the reliable intelligence and actionable insights needed by professional industries, governments, military sectors, and law enforcement for situational awareness, site and infrastructure inspection, crowd and traffic control, crime prediction, space exploration, precision agriculture, and more.


If you’re looking for cutting-edge technology that can help you gain a competitive edge, Maris is an excellent choice.

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