The Maris Edge at Eurosatory 2022

Maris eurosatory 2022
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Smart Video & AI at the Edge for Autonomous Remote Platforms

The ability for autonomous platforms to capture, process, and interpret high-quality video in real-time – and to communicate that data via RF link — has emerged as a key technology component in modern-day military and defense applications.

Maris develops and manufactures the smart on-board architecture that enables real-time and accurate video processing necessary for effective decision making, data analytics, and ultimately, mission success. Designed to integrate with land, sea, air, and space platforms, Maris’ compact and modular architecture is the field-proven solution of choice for accurate intelligence gathering and situational awareness for a wide range of applications. Watch Maris in action here.

Maris’ latest solution, Jupiter AI – a family of miniature H.264/5 encoding platforms supporting streaming and recording mainly for wearable and gun-sight applications — will be displayed at Eurosatory in Paris from June 13-17. Built on Hailo’s powerful AI accelerator, Jupiter AI is ideal for Aerospace, Defense, and Homeland Security (HLS) applications. As with all of Maris’ sophisticated Solutions, Jupiter AI offers best-in-class SWaP, multiple streaming, high video quality, low latency, robust communication capabilities, and is extremely modular and flexible.

For more information about Jupiter AI or Maris’ other solutions for lightweight autonomous edge platforms, visit us at HALL 6 BA, #461 or contact [email protected] to schedule a meeting.

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