Needs and applications

End-to-end low latency streaming, rich video processing, and analytics capabilities on small platforms are critical in the defense market, driven by the expanded implementation of smart video surveillance, AI-powered intelligence and tactical applications, sophisticated ISR systems, and Big Data analysis. Maris’ integrated systems for defense applications incorporate comprehensive video processing and analytics on a wide range of platforms for telemetry mounted video, surveillance and security, intelligence gathering, covert and tactical operations, missile and target acquisition, and observation systems. The high-performance systems can be incorporated in weapon sights, helmet-mounted systems, UAVs, and body-worn devices, delivering reliable and continuous situational awareness with extended range indoors, outdoors, and in harsh environments.
Maris Defence tech

Case study

Aero Sentinel, an Israeli-based drone manufacturer for diverse commercial, tactical, and HLS applications , installed Maris Neptune-Nano video streaming systems on their aerial vehicles Using Maris’ video display and debriefing software tools, Aero Sentinel’s drones are currently in operational use for mine surveys, turbine inspection, aerial photogrammetry and photography, tactical ISTAR missions, firefighting and environmental protection, pipeline and power line monitoring. Following the system’s proven success, Aero Sentinel plans to upgrade its drone video performance with Maris’ new Mercury-Nano advanced video streaming platform.